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Jon Hayward (a.k.a. Sonictail)

Jon has been associated with anime for quite a number of years, from producing a little fanzine called JAMWAF to sitting on his local anime club's core, helping to start and organize a anime convention and generally trying to give a hand around his local anime scene. Oh and attending interstate anime conventions, that's how he got here! Jon spends the majority of his spare time running but if he's not, you can bet he'll have his nose stuck in a manga or gundam kit, or knee deep in video game code.

Likes: Scott Pilgrim, One Piece, Zoids, Transformers, Kekkaishi, Inis, anything by Shinichiro Watanabe and most stuff from BONES.
Dislikes: Fads and Bandwagons, the MCB, most Fanfiction, Geology.

Georgia Blair, reviewer

Luke Carroll (a.k.a. madmangohan), reviewer

Like many kids, Luke was a morning cartoon show addict, growing up with the likes of Agro and then Cheez Tv. Eventually he learnt that many of these cartoons he’d become addicted to were more commonly known to others as anime. Soon he was watching whatever he could get his hands on and quickly became an avid anime fan. Bestowed with an element of luck, Luke managed to meet all the right people at the right times and soon found himself a member of the reviewing team. Still a kid at heart, Luke is well known to have a constant backlog of anime, a task he’s giving himself a few decades to clear up.

Mark Sombillo (a.k.a. ShinoMatrix), reviewer

Anime fan since time immemorial, or more precisely from March 27, 1999 in the first ever broadcast of Neon Genesis Evangelion on Australian television. He of course has been an rabid consumer of anime since early childhood but it was not until this date that the distinction between western cartoons and anime became clear to him. Anime music videos is his fandom of preference having created a number of acclaimed videos. His love of the hobby is what eventually drove him to join the Melbourne Anime Festival's committee as the AMV coordinator and eventually to become one of the executive committee members and venue/scheduling coordinator. His deep involvement in the convention scene is what eventually got him to join the crew where he hopes the stack of anime to review will one day be big enough to build a fort.

Michelle Yu (a.k.a. MichaMicha), reviewer

Blood type: Unknown
Favorite color: Black, Red, Pink, White
Horoscope: Capricorn

Richard Winters, reviewer

Ryan Blackmore, reviewer

Tim Henderson, reviewer